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Best Ways To Prep For Your Boudoir Experience | AZ Boudoir

Deciding to experience a boudoir photoshoot is a really empowering and super exciting experience! And its honestly so much fun hanging with the girls, getting all pretty, dressing up in some sexy lingerie and being hyped to the max by our hype queen photographer!! Whether you're doing it for yourself or as a gift for a special someone, prepping can make a huge difference in your final results. Let's talk about the best ways to prepare in [our] opinion!

Get Bronzy: Spray Tan

Nothing makes your confidence go up more than a nice tan! Definitely consider getting a spray tan a couple days before your boudoir session. A little tan can add warmth to your skin tone and help conceal cellulite and strech marks making them less noticable. Cellulite and strecth marks are on most of us and its nothing to feel insecure about but a tan definitely brings you confidence! Be sure to choose a professional spray tan artist to make sure you get a natural-looking, streak-free result (no orange tans please lol)

My Faves:

  • The Bronzing Room (Peoria, AZ)

  • Luxe Glow (Scottsdale, AZ)

  • Airbrush Tanning By Whitney (Mesa, AZ)

  • The Bronze bar (Scottsdale + Gilbert, AZ)

  • The Bronzed Bungalow (Gilbert, AZ)

Pampering Your Fingertips

Your hands will show up in your photos so it's worth it to make sure they look nice and pretty. Try to coordinate the color with your lingerie or go with a nude. Toe nails wont really be seen in your images so dont worry too much about those!

Touching Up Your Roots

Make sure your hair looks it's best by touching up any visible roots or toning brassy hair before your session. This attention to detail can boost your confidence and make the overall result of your photos that much better and it will make the editing much better as well.

We have you covered with the hair styling- but make sure you arrive to your hair/makeup appointment early, with clean, fully dry hair to make our stylists life easier. You can also bring makeup inspo if you'd like!

Smooth Face For Perfect Makeup Application

This is not a must, but if you want the best, smoothest makeup applictation, get your fave dermaplaned! It removes all the peach fuzz and dead skin build up. Your face will be SO smooth!

Stretching that Arch: Unleash Your Best Booty Popping Ability

If you want the best booty popping poses you need to have a flexible lower back! We will tell you to arch quite often because that's what is going to make your butt pop and look amazing. Plus, stretching beforehand will make you not as sore the next day!

I know it seems like something you can skip, and if youre already flexible in your lower back you totally can skip this! But if you are stiff, trust me, stretching your lower back for 5 minutes a day for the week leading up to your session will make all the difference!

If you have been wanting to do your own boudoir session I'd love to chat and send you all the details you need!

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