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When To Gift Your Boudoir Album On Your Wedding Day

You have had your amazing boudoir session and now you have to decide how to give your album to your partner! We have heard lots of different ways of doing it from our clients so let’s go through a few options! 

Before your ceremony

When you choose to give your partner your gift before your ceremony while he is getting ready, your wedding photographer and videographer can capture their reaction! Having that reaction captured is something that is going to make you feel like a bombshell for years and years to come. You have already invested in hiring these amazing professionals to document your wedding day so you can have this memory documented as well if you'd like.

A couple downsides to this way is that one, you won't be able to witness his reaction in real life- which is priceless and I personally wouldn't want to miss this moment. The second downside is that he may feel embarrassed or awkward with a photographer watching/documenting it and could potentially alter his true reaction.

The night of your wedding

The night of your wedding is an amazing time to give him your album. It was a magical day full of events, and you are finally alone with your new husband in a private, intimate setting. Giving him your boudoir album now will let you be with him to watch his reaction in real life and it will definitely set up the rest of the night with romance and excitement!

The night before you wedding

I have heard of this but honestly it makes no sense to me... haha save it for your big, special day!

Honeymoon as a backup

Sometimes weddings get super busy, crazy and the night lasts literally forever.. this can make giving him your album that night nearly impossible, or at the least, not the best timing if ya'll are drunk haha.

In this case saving it for your honeymoon can be an amazing time. It's private, intimate and super romantic. You can even set up the stage with candles and all the goods!

You could even set up a hidden phone to record his real reaction!

No matter what time you choose to give him this amazing, thoughtful, super spicy gift just know that the best part is his reaction. You'll remember it forever and you'll cherish it for your whole life. You'll always know that YOU put that huge, cheesy smile on his face by putting major effort into his wedding gift!

If you're ready to have your own experience and create this gift for your soon to be husband inquire below and we'll start planning!

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