We're here to make you feel like the beautiful, badass babe that you are!


Hey! I'm Hailey! 


Other than being really obsessed with helping women give the most awesome, memorable wedding gift in existence to their new husband I also really love traveling with my husband + 3 daughters & making amazing memories. I believe that life passes way too damn fast & I'm on a mission to make sure were making the most of it- as everyone should. 

White Sheet Studios was born out of my desire to give women the confidence they deserve before their big day while also making them the awarded hottest wife + best gift giver in their mans eyes. How wouldn't want that title from their groom!?

Meet Katie!

Hi! I'm Katie!

I'll be your in-house hair and makeup artist at White Sheet Studios.

I have been doing makeup professionally for 3 years and have been Hailey's HMUA for almost 2 years. 

I want your experience here to be comfortable and exciting. It is my mission to help you see yourself in a way you haven't seen yourself before , or at least in a very long time. I cannot wait to get you in my glam chair so you can be pampered. I am excited to make this day one to remember for you!




You already have the natural beauty, maybe you see that, maybe you don't. I know for a fact some days are harder than others to see it. (we're women, and we can be crazy as shit so... yeah, it's us!)

You probably have hesitations and thoughts going through your head that might be trying to keep you from experiencing this but my advice to you is just f*cking do it. For you. Obviously it's super exciting to share with your brand spanking new husband (Like extremelyyyyyyy freaking exciting) but it always boils down to being just as much a gift for yourself as it is for him. It's 100% a two-in-one gift. Crazy how that works, right?

I know the drill the ego has.. "But I'm awkward in front of the camera!", or "I never like photos of myself, I can't do this!". 

HELLO. IT"S ME. THE PROFESSIONAL HERE. And I've heard every hesitation & concern there is to hear. But guess what? I have NEVER had a client not absolutely OBSESS over her images. 

I know what I'm doing, I got you!