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your hype girls!
We know for a fact that boudoir is for every single woman. And we also know that no matter who you are, where you come from or what stage you are in your life- you are worthy, you are deserving of all good things and you are beautiful right now (even if you don't believe that in this moment, YOU ARE, and we'll show you!

We have created a space that is safe, comfortable, empowering, uplifting and flat out full of great energy! When you experience boudoir with us, you will feel transformed in all the best ways and your best self will be able to shine through!
Phoenix AZ Boudoir
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Meet the babes at 
White Sheet Studios

Hi! We are a 3 woman team, and we have this experience perfected! We have an amazing hair and makeup artist, a talented, hype woman photographer, and a very high end photo retoucher (me).

Having our perfect team means we make this experience flawless for each client and we put our ALL into everything we do. We are excited to meet you!

Things to know about us:

+ We have worked with over hundreds of women and have never had a complaint!


+ We are all SUPER friendly and easy to talk to


+ We only see beauty in our clients. We don't see your perceived "flaws" only the art of which your body creates.

You can trust that your experience with us is everything you imagined it would be and more!

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