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Pro Tip: Practice Your Boudoir "Faces" | Phoenix, Arizona

We are here to help with your posing from head to toe but a little homework goes a long way. Many of our clients who have the BEST images and most diversity are those that “practice” in the mirror. I know it may sound silly but getting comfortable making different expressions on cue will be VERY helpful for your shoot.

Here are a few of our FAV tips for facial expressions:

  • Don’t clinch your jaw (pressing down on your back teeth), relax your jaw

  • Practice breathing out of your mouth, part your lips slightly and gently breath out of your lips

  • SMIZE - Yes, Tyra Banks wasn’t wrong, it’s a technique to narrowing your eye and adding intensity.

I found this ADORABLE model that teaches simple facial expressions that are EASY to practice.

We will always guide you through facial expressions, where to look and all things but it's always good to know your face, know what looks you prefer on your own face and practice them! No need to stress about it though- we can see your face so it's very easy for us to guide you on exactly what to do.

This is also the reason why we offer professional makeup for each client- professional makeup & lashes instantly gives your a boudoir "face" without even trying! Easy.

If you're wanting to schedule your own boudoir experience please reach out- we'd love to help your vision come to life!

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