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Simple Tips to Consider Before A Boudoir Photo Session

#1 Work With A Female Photographer

Don’t take this the wrong way either because I don’t have anything against male photographers- There are a couple that I actually love! (personality and work!) Most of them are respectful and professional. But if you are already feeling all the nerves by just the thought of doing a boudoir shoot, hiring a male photographer could definitely add to those nerves. You might feel embarrassed about showing your skin and posing in little to no clothing in front of a stranger. To me, I felt more comfortable working with a female photographer for obvious reasons. On the other hand, some women might not care! Totally a personal choice but definitely think about it.

#2 Lingerie Isn't Required For Boudoir

You don’t need to buy new lingerie pieces for a boudoir photo shoot. And actually, If you choose to wear "just the sheets", you don’t even need anything to wear. Boudoir is what you make it, it's anything that makes you feel sexy and confident so take a look into your closet and see if there is anything that can work such as:

  • A plain white shirt (boyfriend shirt)

  • A casual bra and underwear set (Calvins for the win!)

  • A cozy, off-the-shoulder sweater

  • A crop top

  • Lace bra and underwear

  • An everyday bodysuit

#3 Having a Drink Won't Hurt

Easy for me to say because I'm always down for a glass of champagne, wine or beer! But really, it won't only be a nice prop in a photo but sipping alcohol can set the “mood” and help you loosen up a bit. Boudoir and relaxing go together hand in hand, that's the whole point right? Have some time to yourself to just sit back, relax and get pampered.

#4 Accessorize, But Don't Over Do It

Look into your accessories and jewelry box for pieces to wear during the boudoir photo session. It could be something like earrings, bracelets and even hats. Adding a little sparkle is amazing in my opinion but I wouldn't wear a necklace, as it tends to fall sideways and awkwardly in most poses. Hats can be amazing though and they always make for good variety and poses (something to do with your hands!). Keep it simple while adding a little sparkle.

#5 Only Bring Outfits That You Feel Confident In

It can be super hard to decide on what outfits you'd like to bring to your shoot, trust me I know! Most of my clients end up bringing more than they need so that I can help them pick out what's best and I absolutely love that! But honestly, What I love might not be what YOU feel most confident in and your confidence level is much more important than what I love as an outfit. So, If you don't LOVE it, don't bring it. Easy as that.



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