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There are hardly any times in your life as special as carrying your baby in your belly. And sure, 9 months seems like eternity when you're experiencing it, but it goes by in a blink of an eye. It's a magical, truly freaking magical experience and documenting it will be a decision you'll never look back on and say "I wish I didn't do that photoshoot".

The photos that you create with us will be cherished and admired for your whole life- especially as your baby grows up and gets to see. It's an empowering experience for women to feel beautiful and sexy during this time when you're not used to the changes your body is going through.. for you to see that even though you may "feel" like a whale- you actually look like a glowing goddess just like everyone has told you this entire pregnancy. Now YOU can see it and believe it! Look at some of our favorites from this glowing mamas boudoir shoot which in The Lounge which is Located in Phoenix, AZ.

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