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Common Fears About A Boudoir Session

Let's be honest, A lot of women (I'd say most) have fears and concerns when trying to figure out if they should book a boudoir session. This is extremely normal and sadly, it sometimes causes them to miss out on the amazing experience that boudoir has to offer. Something that boudoir photographers hear from their boudoir clients after the whole experience is done and over with is "I can't believe I was ever nervous about that! Every woman should experience boudoir at least once in their life!" I mean, honestly, once you do one boudoir shoot, you'll do more- not only because it's addicting but also because all your fears and concerns will be gone leaving you feeling brave, empowered and confident to do more boudoir shoots!

Let's hear about some of the concerns I hear about from my boudoir clients.

"I am not confident enough in my skin to do a boudoir shoot"

I get this one a lot. Babes want to book a session but because they aren't confident in their bodies they believe that they won't like the photos of themselves. This is a huge misconception because boudoir lets you feel and see your sexy side! It's because you never get to see yourself from this perspective- this sensual, sexy, confident side of you. Boudoir gives you the confidence you have been lacking and needing so it's actually PERFECT for anyone who isn't confident in their skin at the moment. It might be intimidating and a little scary but I promise you will walk out feeling better than you have in a very long time- you won't regret it!

"I won't know how to pose myself or make sexy facial expressions"

This is so common but it's something you should never waste time worrying about! You have me, the professional boudoir photographer to take care of this. I will always pose you, and by pose you I mean, physically show you how to pose. I will do the pose first so that you can see exactly what it looks like and how to do it. I pay attention to every detail- hand placement, how to point your toes, making you arch until your back hurts (literally lol) and so much more. Once you're in the pose I will fix your hair and show you any adjustments we need to make to nail the pose. I can be very nit-picky but it's always worth it in the end!

As far as facial expression, this is so easy! It seems hard but it's not! Most of the time it's literally just looking at the camera but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to direct the "look" and I will always show you comparison photos of different expressions so that you can decide which you like more. I would never leave you feeling awkward not knowing what to do next- I got you!

"I'm nervous my photos won't turn out how I envision them"

This is actually a very good concern to have and it comes down to choosing the right photographer.. the photographer you know, like and trust. It is so important to like everything about a photographers work- their posing, their editing style, their studio, and even their personality!

For me personally, I like to customize each session to the client so that you get exactly what you're trying to achieve! I have a detailed questionnaire that I send out to all my clients because no one is the same and I want to know about you. I want to know your favorite parts of your body, your insecurities, your partners favorite parts of you and even the level of exposure/nudity you feel comfortable with! You can even show me your favorite poses of my work to make sure we get those shots of you!


Surprise, Arizona based boudoir photographer serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Peoria, Gilbert and more.

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