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"This was the most amazing experience and I am so glad I did it!! Hailey was absolutely amazing, she is very talented and knowledgeable! Not only that but she is so freaking sweet and makes you feel like a total QUEEN. Erica (hair and makeup artist) is very nice and totally killed my makeup and hair! I absolutely loved it and felt so beautiful!

The photos came out absolutely amazing, my jaw dropped and they were only the proofs!!! I had no idea that’s how I actually looked, my confidence is so much higher now! I did the shoot for my fiancé to give him the album on our wedding night but I didn’t realize that I would be doing it for myself, as well. If you are on the fence about doing it, DO IT. YOU WONT REGRET IT! White Sheet Studios is worth every penny <3"

                                                             - Hailey S.


"First off let me say, Hailey is absolutely amazing ! If you have any hesitations what so ever about doing a boudoir shoot, throw those worries out and message Hailey! I promise they will make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Doesn’t matter if these photos are for you, or a significant other, i promise in the end you’ll definitely both be happy. Hailey makes this experience so effortless. When you begin your photoshoot they use there expert skills to pose you all while hyping up how amazing you look! By the time i was done I felt like a model. Fast forward to the after, Hailey had my pictures to me in less than 24 hours !!! And let me tell you, holy smokes I felt HOT. My pictures are truly stunning and even though i am extremely self conscious and can probably find something to hate in every photo, that was totally not my focus at all in her photos. I truly found very little to hate about myself 😅 100% recommend you message Hailey and get the dang boudoir shoot!"



                                                                       - Katelynn




"Hailey and her team are so amazing!! I had the best experience, they made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. From hair, makeup to the most beautiful photos thank you thank you💜 1000% recommend"

                                                                      - Stacey S.


"I just had a shoot with Hailey this morning and OH MY GOSH what an experience! The studio is absolutely beautiful and so cozy. She was so helpful with posing and directing to help me bring my vision to life! It was like the best girl's day ever, and I just got some proofs from her, and the photos are extremely high quality with a timeless vibe. I can't wait to share the photos, and I literally want every woman I know to go get a boudoir shoot done with White Sheet Studios now. I think every woman needs to get these photos done so that she can feel the sheer confidence and self-love that I feel right now. Yes, my fiance is going to love them, but for me to see myself from that perspective, and to do something that bold was a total game-changer. Seriously, if you're thinking about getting photos done, go to Hailey and do the whole experience. It's SO worth it!"

                                                                   - Anna

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