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If fear is holding you back, READ THIS.

Let's make this thing short and sweet! Here's the thing- if you're waiting for the fear to disappear before you book your boudoir experience, you'll never do it. To be honest, you'll probably never feel 100% ready. You will always feel nervous or afraid because it's a new and.. you'll be half naked ( or butt naked, either one lol).

So to overcome this fear, you really have to decide. You have to choose this for yourself (or for him) whichever reason you're doing this. Choose that you want this, that you deserve this and that it will be absolutely amazing, because IT WILL!

Deciding to book the shoot is really the hardest part. Once you do that, it's time to get excited!! You pushed past your fear, you faced it head on and you're going to come out on top SO freaking happy you did it!

Boudoir shoots seem like a bunch of things that they're not. They seem scary, seem like they'd be awkward, seem like you might not be able to pull it of but these "assumptions" couldn't be more wrong! Like 180 degrees wrong!

When you show up to the studio it's full of friendly, uplifting energy . Its full of fun, hype and comfortability! We love what we do and it shows. There's music, laughing and non stop talking with posing direction and lots of high vibes! And for the "I can't pull this off" fear. No, nope, never going to happen. We got you! It doesn't matter who you are, you will pull this off with our expert help. We have worked with almost a thousand women and not a single one has left feeling like they weren't 100% over the moon and happy! Most clients are shocked at how well they did and how much they loved their photos!

So if you've been wanting to do this for while but have been letting fear get in the way this is your time. Tell it to eff off and get your dream shoot booked. We set you up for success, we won't let you fail. You can do this- trust us!

You can view pricing here and also contact us to book!


Can't wait to meet you!

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