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We have an amazing team here at White Sheet Studios! Our associate team has been trained by White Sheet Studios and offers the best experience with the same editing style & quality images. You get a variety of studios/locations to choose from as well! 

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The Villa is a two room suite with beautiful natural light at all hours of the day, with direct light patterns from the windows in the late afternoon. You get the best of both worlds with this rental and whether your style is light, moody, or somewhere in between - you’ll love The Villa.

Bedroom: White walls, Queen size bed with white sheers lining around, a large gold mirror & cream leather chair. This room was inspired by our original bed set up that everyone knows and loves! 2 large south facing windows + 2 large west facing windows. Room dimension is 12ft x 15ft.


Living Room: White walls, black floral wall mural, and a variety of furniture to move around! Included are a pink velvet couch, black leather chair, blue chair, a stool, and large black mirror to mix in and use as you’d like. We love the moody, feminine feel to this room! 3 large south facing windows that bounce off of a white building beside it. Room dimension is 12ft x 15ft.


Located in Building A

(641 N. 4th Ave Unit B)


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This studio is filled with moody light giving a sultry look to your boudoir photos. With many set options this space is perfect for boudoir!  It gives sexy, sophisticated vibes that clients love. 


Located in Phoenix

Interested in the Mesa Studio location?