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Why A Boudoir Album Is The BEST Gift Idea!

When it comes to gift-giving, it can be tough to find something unique that's really going to surprise your man. Sure- watches, electronics or clothing might be the go-to options but your man can buy any of those things with a click of a button for himself (with one-day shipping!) and if we're being completely honest, they don't quite bring that intense surprise factor!

Ladies, we can do better than buying him his 5th nice watch to add to his collection! A steamy boudoir album of yourself brings a level of intimacy and personalization that no other gift can give. It offers a unique and personalized experience that your husband can't simply purchase for himself. It involves planning and genuine effort from you which makes it all that more thoughtful. By investing time and thought into creating this experience, you're giving a gift that can't be replicated but will be completely admired for years- plus he is going to feel like the luckiest man alive!

Another reason it makes the best gift is because you personalize it to his favorite parts of you! We send all of clients an online questionnaire which is how we personalize each session perfectly to you based off your favorite parts of yourself, his favorite parts of you and more! Creating this gift for him shows him how much you know his personality and what he likes which he will notice and appreciate so much.

97% of our clients are women wanting to do this for their man as a gift so we have heard hundreds of stories about how he reacted when he opened the first page. Let me tell you how freaking amazing those stories are to hear! Stories of how speechless they were, how it took him by such surprise he had the best comments about each page he flipped! This is a reaction you will remember forever which is a gift in itself!

So yeah, BEST GIFT FOR YOUR MAN EVER. And we take care of everything so all you have to do is book and show up for your amazing experience! Don't forget, this experience is a gift for you just as much as it is for him.

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